90 Seconds with… Jeremy Scott, Chairman at Old Dunstonians Rugby Club

90 Seconds with… Jeremy Scott, Chairman at Old Dunstonians Rugby Club

Jeremy Scott Chairman at Old Dunstonians Rugby Club

Welcome to 90 Seconds with Jeremy Scott, a quick dive into the world of Old Dunstonians RFC.

Jeremy, can you start by telling us about your role there?  

Absolutely, I’m currently serving as Chairman at Old Dunstonians, overseeing rugby club committee and other senior officials as well as liaising with the overall sports club committee.


Can you give us a brief overview of the club and its history?  

Old Dunstonians RFC is an alumni community for former pupils and staff of St. Dunstan’s College in London and while it originally catered to former members of St. Dunstan’s College, it now welcomes all members from the local area. The club has a rich history and attracts both experienced and aspiring rugby players to both play and enjoy the social side of the club.

How are the ODs performing this season

This season has been a challenging one for us on the pitch. We’ve seen some great performances on the field, across all levels and age groups –  the team has been working hard to achieve our goals.

Stadium Support Services has been a key shirt sponsor for Old Dunstonians for five years. How has their support impacted the club during this time?

Stadium Support Services has been an invaluable partner for us. They’ve been our main shirt sponsor, providing financial support that has significantly contributed to the growth and success of the club as well as helping out with upgrades to our facilities and infrastructure.

Can you tell us more about their involvement with the Old Dunstonians?

Certainly, Stadium Support Services has been more than just a sponsor. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, they went above and beyond by conducting regular COVID sprays, ensuring the safety of our players and supporters. Additionally, they also generously donated marquees, allowing our fans to enjoy the games comfortably under shelter. Their commitment to compliance and community well-being has truly set them apart.

It sounds like an incredibly successful partnership, thanks for sharing, Jeremy.

hank you for having me. It’s always a pleasure to talk about the great things happening Old Dunstonians, not to mention the support we receive from Stadium Support Services.



Interviewed by Amy Miles, The Dugout E-Zine
With Jeremy Scott, Chairman at Old Dunstonians Rugby Club