A Clean Response to COVID-19

With the Coronavirus now designated a pandemic, many businesses are working with Stadium Support Services to protect their staff and keep their businesses operational.

Our Ionic Chemical Spray sanitises the entire workplace environment creating a hostile tensive surface for all pathogens and bacteria preventing them from replicating, causing them to die off.

This unique process electrically charges the sanitising chemical, enabling it to adhere to all surfaces throughout the workplace.

The chemical disinfects and kills bacteria providing protection for up to 28 days.
Re-application is recommended every 21 days for ongoing protection.

Let us work with you to prepare, prevent and protect your staff and business from COVID-19. Get in touch via: info@StadiumSupportServices.co.uk

An electrode atomizes the cleaning solution.

The charged particles are attracted to the surface area, wrapping around it.

3D objects & hard-to-reach places receive a clean, even coat.

“My client takes the Health & Safety of it’s employees in the work place very seriously and understands the risk COVID-19 presents to the business. For this reason we engaged Stadium Support Services to carry out an Electro-Static Chemical Spray of our facilities. The team were quick to mobilise and carried out a thorough sanitisation of the workplace”

Dermot Reid – Contract Manager, CBRE.

Dean Sutcliffe

Twickenham Stadium

I have been in position as Venue Technical Manager at Twickenham Stadium for nearly 10 years and have used Stadium Support Services throughout my time working for the RFU. I can say without any hesitation that Stadium Support Services have become an invaluable contractor to work in partnership with and have on numerous occasions gone above and beyond expectations to deliver successful jobs. On many occasions these jobs will have been allocated to them with extremely tight timescales.


Michael Kerslake

Imber Court (Met Police)

Our 90-acre facility has extensive buildings incorporating, multiple function rooms, three bars, restaurants, swimming pool, three gyms and changing rooms to support six football pitches, two cricket pitches, ten tennis courts, a bowling green (with club house), a small football arena and a small rugby arena, both with grand stands. Stadium Support Services were engaged to assist with all of our facilities management needs and I have always found them to be extremely...


James Sinclair

Cushman & Wakefield

Stadium Support Services work at many of my sites throughout the UK & Wales carrying out a wide range of FM services from specialist cleaning and roofing through to painting and decorating. They understand that a lot of the projects I ask them to carry out can be very time sensitive, with the need to mobilise fast essential. I am glad to say that they have structured their organisation in a way that enables open and fast lines of communication allowing for a prompt response. The can do attitude shown by...