Joseph Noble  Commercial Director 

Thanks for sitting down with me Joe, let’s get into it, your 90 seconds start now! As experts in stadiums, could you outline your primary areas of specialisation within this field? 

We’re a multi-faceted company that handles cleaning, maintenance, and rope access services and are uniquely positioned to tackle any project within stadium environments, no matter how complex.

Our standout strengths can be summarised in three areas: efficient fit-outs with short timelines, rapid maintenance response via agile in-house teams, and the ability to access any part of the seating bowl or grandstand, regardless of complexity, thanks to our skilled rope access division.

Can you tell us about your rope access team? 

Absolutely, our rope access division, overseen by Daniel Scott (IRATA L3), has facilitated projects like painting the grandstand metalwork under the roof at the KIA Oval and conducting maintenance on the large screen at Twickenham Stadium.

Dan and the team excel in navigating complex areas so there is nowhere they can’t get to. We also know that groundsmen prefer to avoid heavy machinery on their pitches, making rope access the perfect choice.

Is it just stadiums that you look after? 

We began almost two decades ago with a primary focus on serving stadiums. As our clients shifted across different sectors like office blocks, leisure centres, and heritage sites, we evolved alongside them.

Our expertise in meeting tight event-related timelines has played a crucial role in our success across all divisions. In truth, the services we provide aren’t significantly different— maintaining a stadium or an office block, for instance, involves more similarities than you think.

The main contrast often lies in the central feature, with a stadium featuring a pitch while an office block typically includes a courtyard.

What’s the latest at Stadium Support Services? 

We’re thrilled with the strides we’ve made this year, particularly witnessing our team’s continuous growth. This summer has been exceptionally busy, with off-season projects taking place at several UK stadiums including Wembley, QPR, and Birmingham City.

As the season gets underway, our attention turns to ensuring compliance and addressing reactive maintenance needs for all the clubs we partner with.

Can you share some highlights from the summer projects? 

This summer has proven to be our most productive yet. We’ve completed over 30 projects, which included a variety of tasks. These ranged from installing anti-slip seating bowl tread nosings at QPR to restoring colour-faded seats at Leicestershire County Cricket Club.

The scope of work extended from enhancing customer experience kiosks at Wembley to significant fit-out projects in player areas at Birmingham City FC.

Interviewed by Amy Miles, The Dugout E-Zine
With our commercial director Joseph