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FIA2022-Leading Cleaning Operations

Stadium support services appointed to lead cleaning operations

Stadium Support Services resumes FIA2022 contract following four-ear Covid hiatus

Resuming the cleaning contract for the highly anticipated Farnborough Airshow 2022, Stadium Support Services once again deployed multiple expert teams to provide critical cleaning services throughout the event (18-22nd July). 

Flexible teams of highly skilled cleaners worked around the clock during the build, live, and breakdown phases of the show. Minimising disruption to guests and reducing the risk of trip hazards, Stadium Support Services championed Cordless Technology, to facilitate successful operations throughout the day. With 70,000m2 of exhibition space to deep clean every night, larger industrial cordless machines were brought in for the out-of-hours crew. 

Litter-picking teams played a vital role in delivering a clean site throughout the five days of the airshow. The proximity to Farnborough airport meant FOD (Foreign Object Debris) was a primary concern for its runways. Safety standards were continuously monitored by Stadium Support Services ensuring all runways were kept clear.


Leading the way in large-scale exhibitions and events, Farnborough International prides itself on working with expert, like-minded suppliers and partners to ensure a high-level experience at all areas of our 500,000sqm show site. As always, it has been brilliant to work with Stadium Support Services to deliver our extensive cleaning operation. 

Chris Dillon

Head Of Venue Operations Farnborough International

LED Light

100+ Staff per day


Bin bags litter -packed 


70,000 sqm of exhibition space cleaned


75,000 visitors

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