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HS2 Euston, London

Installation of monitoring systems to the external façade of buildings for the HS2 project.

HS2 is Britain’s new high-speed rail line being built from London to the North-West, with trains linking the biggest cities in Scotland with Manchester, Birmingham, and London.

It is the largest infrastructure project in Europe, with major civil engineering works underway, and over 350 active sites between the West Midlands and London.

Stadium Support services are proud to support the HS2 project by leveraging our rope access teams to install monitoring systems on the external facade of adjacent site buildings. This allowed our client to monitor the build progress throughout the project.


The monitoring system was to be installed at a height of over 35m (10 storeys). The proximity to railway lines and busy building sites surrounding the area meant that MEWP access was not possible. Stadium Support Services provided rope access technicians to assess the area, which comprised narrow gaps, corners, and areas with limited access.


Stadium Support Services deployed IRATA teams to access the building’s facades during normal working hours and install the monitoring systems. Over 200 monitoring prisms were installed over 8 blocks of residential apartments, as well as some adjacent structures including bridges and retaining walls. The team accessed the work area quickly and easily without the need for a MEWP, resulting in agile and efficient execution of the project that was delivered on time.


The placement of the monitoring system allowed the engineers to assess any structure movement throughout the project. Stadium Support Services are now an approved contractor fully inducted into the HS2 Area East project. We subcontracted to a long-standing client in Geo Instruments, who are working alongside SOCOTEC to deliver the monitoring of the area for the HS2 project tunnelling in Euston, London. We look forward to working with our clients more throughout the project’s long lifespan.

We worked with the rope access team from Stadium Support Services to install monitoring systems at an extremely challenging height, and we couldn’t be more pleased with their work. They were able to access the difficult-to-reach areas quickly and efficiently, and their expertise was evident in their attention to detail and safety. The team worked seamlessly together, and their professionalism and dedication to the task were evident throughout the project.

Larisa Pandi

Monitoring Engineer, GEO-Instruments UK

LED Light

HS2 Rope Access Teams






150 Monitoring prisms installed

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