Case Study

Science Museum

Dana Research Centre and Library

On behalf of CBRE, Stadium Support Services were called to investigate a series of issues occurring within the Dana Research Centre and Library at the Science Museum.

The Dana Centre is a 6-storey building comprising a library facility and integrated office space, that brings together the museum’s thriving Research and History Department.

Significant damage from water ingress had been discovered within the west façade of the building block requiring urgent inspection. An investigation was required to pinpoint the source of the water and devise a plan to repair the damage.

The Problem

The source of water was coming from a box gutter hidden above a glass atrium where the proximity of the affected area to the glass surround posed significant access problems. Rope Access Specialists were quickly deployed to investigate, generating an in-depth report. The report detailed multiple faults within the guttering system which had reached the end of its lifecycle, alongside sealant failures within the glass façade.

The gutter systems had been subject to many failed repairs by other companies for up to five years, leading to continued water damage over a long period of time. To preserve the integrity of the building and internal space, it was essential that the entire gutter system was condemned and replaced.

The Solution

Stadium Support Services created an action plan for the Dana Research Centre. Before any repairs could be undertaken, the residual water within the building needed to be dried out. Four industrial dehumidifiers, with 100m condenser hoses were used for two weeks within the building to draw out all excess moisture from the walls.

Due to the Dana building’s proximity to a major thoroughfare, the main entrance to The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum, it was vital that the works caused minimal disruption.

Access to the site was extremely limited with no available parking, which meant a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) was the best solution. Each morning, the truck would access the site enabling five operatives in the cradle to carry out the essential building works.

The Result

Once the gutter was affixed and flood tested, the team sealed all glass window units. Internal work commenced, removing and replacing blown plaster boards and decorating throughout. The newly watertight Dana Research Centre and Library was quickly restored with new systems in place that would prolong the integrity of the building for decades to come.

Significant water ingress had occurred within the west façade of the Dana Research Centre and Library over the last five years. Following several failed attempts at repair from previous contractors, access issues blocked the full inspection that was needed to fully understand what was happening.

Stadium Support Services, who are specialists in challenging access projects, were highly recommended

I was extremely impressed from the very first meeting. They quickly mapped out the scope of work that was required. Every care was taken to minimise disruption to surrounding areas, resulting in the quick and efficient delivery of the large-scale repair/renovation.

Stadium Support Services’ delivery of this project was exemplary in every aspect. The team provide peace of mind from end to end, with attention to detail, seamless planning, and faultless execution

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