Case Study

Hoist Removal

Cushman & Wakefield engaged Stadium Support Services to handle the demolition and removal of two disused cradel hoists situated in Birmingham on the L10 roof area of a building.


The building’s central location prevented the use of a crane for the removal process, which meant the project demanded complex high-altitude demolition work, as well as material removal down to ground level. The team was also briefed to ensure that existing tenants were not disturbed and the integrity of the rooftop was preserved.


The team devised a strategy for removing the hoists and chose to construct cantilever scaffolding, which is ideal for scenarios where regular scaffolding systems cannot be set up due to unsuitable ground surfaces. This kind of scaffolding is often referred to as needle scaffolding because needles serve as the scaffold’s foundation. In this case, needles were extended from the building’s wall to create a working platform that enabled access to and removal of the hoists from the roof without causing ground-level disturbances to the public.

Before commencing any work, Stadium Support Services conducted an asbestos survey and ensured that electrical isolation was implemented to create a safe working environment. The hoists were then dismantled, and gas cutting was kept to a minimum to reduce noise levels.

The disassembled hoists were carried downstairs and transported through public areas in closed storage trolleys to prevent any inconvenience to the existing tenants. Throughout the building, protection was installed to safeguard the floors within the building.

The Result

The project was completed successfully, with the Stadium Support Services team removing both hoists from the roof level without any disturbance to the public or existing tenants. The cantilever scaffolding and closed storage trolleys provided a safe and secure way to transport the hoists through the building, while the floor protection ensured the building was left in the same condition as before the project started.

The client was pleased with the outcome of the project and commended Stadium Support Services on their professionalism and attention to detail throughout the process.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Stadium Support Services for a project that involved the removal of two redundant cradle hoists from the roof of our building in central Birmingham. A cantilever scaffolding was erected to access the hoists, and the project was completed without any disturbance to the public or existing tenants.

The team at Stadium Support Services was extremely professional, ensuring that all safety measures were in place before starting the project. We were extremely pleased with the outcome of the project and would highly recommend Stadium Support Services for any similar projects. Their attention to detail and professionalism was second to none, and we felt confident that the project was in the best hands throughout the process.”

Chris Byfield

RFM, Cushman & Wakefield


6 Tonnes redundant steel removed


3 weeks to complete

Sanding Machine

100% Accident-free

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