Case Study

Facade Repair – Q Technical

Q Technical Services contacted Stadium Support Services to assess and repair a weather-damaged façade at Parkview House.

The façade had dislodged during a storm, posing a safety risk. The task involved removing the dangerous part and repairing the remaining façade.


Accessing the affected area presented a challenge due to a height-restricted entrance to the rear carpark. The required vehicle for the job was a truck-mounted boom capable of reaching a minimum height of 20 metres. Finding a vehicle that met these specifications while being compact enough to pass through the restricted entrance was crucial.


Stadium Support Services successfully sourced a specialist vehicle that met the necessary height requirements and could fit through the restricted entrance. This vehicle allowed the operators to reach the required areas and complete the repair work within the allocated timeframe.

The Result

After careful assessment, a damaged area of the façade was identified and promptly repaired. The repair process involved riveting and resealing the affected section. As a result, the area was left safe and restored to its original state, mitigating the safety risks associated with the dislodged façade.

Q Technical Services expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the project. Stadium Support Services’ ability to mobilise quickly and  efficiently complete the repair work demonstrated their professionalism and expertise. The façade was successfully restored, ensuring the safety and structural integrity of Parkview House.

We reached out to Stadium Support Services when we encountered a weather-damaged façade issue at Parkview House. The dislodged part posed a safety risk, requiring urgent attention and repair.

The team at Stadium Support Services quickly assessed the situation and provided an effective solution. Despite the challenging access due to a height-restricted entrance, they managed to source a specialised vehicle that met our requirements.

Their expertise and efficiency were evident throughout the project. We are highly satisfied with the services provided by Stadium Support Services. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to find solutions within strict timeframes were exceptional. We would gladly recommend their services to others in need of façade repairs or related work.

Claire Fall

Customer Delivery Team Assistant Manager, Q Technical Solutions


20M height


1 day to complete

Sanding Machine

3 team members

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