General Construction

At Stadium Support Services we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive range of construction-related services from remedial repairs through to full scale building works.

Reactive Response Team

Our crews undertake a variety of civil works projects to meet the various demands of any facility.  Our reactive team is on hand to respond to unforeseen circumstances that require immediate attention such as collapsed manholes, uneven roadways and other fragile or unsafe areas.   The reactive team is our first responder to site whose first task is to ensure your facility is safe and secure by either undertaking a temporary repair or completely cordoning off the area to the general public.

Planned Construction

Working in partnership with our clients, our projects team can carry out a wide range of construction services ranging from concreting and timber work down to basic remedial repairs to a venue.  Our operatives are multifaceted and masters of many trades to ensure that no matter what the job is we are able to complete the entire project in-house.

Stadium Support Services is on hand to assist with any reactive or planned general construction requirements.  We are capable of leading projects as your principal contractor or assisting in elements where your current suppliers cannot.