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Harry Potter Shop Hoarding Installation 

Engaged by Mitie, Stadium Support Services were tasked with installing freestanding hoarding around the Harry Potter Shop located at Kings Cross Station in preparation for significant renovations. The installation plays a critical role in ensuring the site’s safety and security for both contractors and the general public.


The unique challenge was securing the hoarding without any fixings into the platform infrastructure, demanding a careful approach to ensure stability.

 A tight six-hour access window added further complexity, requiring precise planning for an efficient installation. Additionally, adherence to health and safety protocols on the Network Rail site was a top priority throughout the project.


Stadium Support Services met these challenges by constructing the hoarding in modular sections off-site, ensuring a more efficient installation within the tight timeframe.

The inclusion of fire-rated doors and glazing guaranteed compliance with safety standards. A dedicated team of 12 professionals was deployed to successfully complete the installation.

The hoarding was then painted in the Harry Potter brand’s distinctive RAL colour, creating aesthetic cohesion. Bird-proof netting was also installed as requested by the client.

Stadium Support Services showcased their expertise in overcoming multiple logistical challenges, providing a secure and efficient solution for the forthcoming Harry Potter Shop renovation.

“We are very impressed with the approach Stadium Support Services adopted to address this unique project. Having only a 6-hour window for the overnight hoarding installation, their team opted to construct modular components off-site, resulting in a faster and more efficient installation process. We are exceptionally pleased with the quality of work delivered and their commitment to strict health and safety guidelines.”


Dean Sutcliffe
Account Director, Technical Services, Mitie

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100 Sandbags

Team Members


6 hours
to install



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