Case Study

Colour-faded seating restoration

Leicestershire County Cricket Club approached Stadium Support Services with a challenge. The FM team wanted to restore their faded orange stadium seats and transform them into a vibrant green shade.

The club sought an eco-friendly solution that would provide long-lasting results without damaging the playing surface or the seats. The team at Stadium Support Services carried out an initial demonstration that met all requirements and showcased impressive results to the team at Leicestershire County Cricket Club.


The primary challenge of the project was restoring the seating and changing the colour from orange to green. It was important to avoid harmful chemicals or heat sources that could damage the seats or the playing surface. The club also wanted a solution that would protect the metalwork from rust and provide long-lasting results.


Stadium Support Services provided an eco-friendly solution using a three-part application system. The system effectively restored the seat colour without the need for heat treatment, blowtorching, or chemical dipping. It also coated the metalwork, protecting it from rust and providing a glossy and long-lasting finish. Additionally, Stadium Support Services offered the club a 3-year colour fade guarantee for added assurance.

The Result

The project was a great success, with Stadium Support Services transforming the stadium seating to a dazzling green. Leicestershire County Cricket Club was highly satisfied with the results and praised Stadium Support Services for their innovative and environmentally friendly approach. The improved appearance of the seating bowl would hugely enhance the fan experience, and the project showcased the company’s commitment to environmentally friendly solutions in seating restoration.

I am thrilled to introduce this innovative seat restoration system to the UK market. I have been personally involved in every aspect of this project and I am incredibly proud of the results we have achieved. This system has the potential to revolutionise the industry with its transformation capabilities. I am excited to see its positive environmental and financial impact on our UK customers, venue owners, and FMs.”.

Joseph Noble

Commercial Director, Stadium Support Services


3 Tonnes of plastic saved from landfill


6 days to complete

Sanding Machine

All seats treated in situ around fixtures

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