Case Study


Lockmetal is a London-based company that specialises in statement cladding design, supply and installation. forcommercial and residential clients. Stadium Support Services was contracted to complete a project in Barking, London.

The team received a mandate to conduct visual surveys on sections of the rainwater pipe system. However, when the project scaffolding was taken down, some tasks remained unfinished, and there were no other means of accessing the affected areas. As a result, rope access techniques were utilised to gain access.

Stadium Support Services was subsequently engaged to perform remedial work on the vertical rainwater pipes located on the building’s façade. This work involved installing new aluminium RWP’s and hoppers, hauling them into place, and applying weather sealant to complete the task.


The project posed multiple obstacles that needed to be overcome to achieve a positive outcome. Firstly, the rainwater pipework’s location was 45 meters high, which presented a significant challenge to our team. Rope access was deemed the only viable option to access the specified areas. Secondly, the project necessitated a high level of technical expertise to ensure that the remedial work was performed safely, with no danger to any personnel at ground level outside of the exclusion zones. Finally, the project had to be completed within a tight timeframe to enable Lockmetal to obtain its Practical Completion (PC) certificate.


Our team of skilled rope access technicians conducted visual surveys, identified the necessary remedial work, and developed a comprehensive plan for executing the work safely and effectively.

Our use of rope access techniques allowed us to access the designated sections of the rainwater pipework while the existing scaffolding was being dismantled. Additionally, our team possessed the required technical expertise to carry out the work to the highest standards, resulting in a final installation that satisfied the client’s expectations.

The Result

Stadium Support Services completed the repair works within the agreed timeframe, enabling Lockmetal to achieve their PC certificate. The project was completed without any incidents or accidents, and the customer was extremely satisfied with our work. Our company has worked on numerous sites for Lockmetal, and we have achieved a 100% success rate for all contracted repairs and installations.

The Lockmetal project presented several challenges, including the location of the rainwater pipe work, technical expertise requirements, and tight timeframe. Our company was able to overcome these challenges by utilising rope access techniques, providing the necessary technical expertise, and completing the project within the agreed timeframe. The successful outcome of the project has strengthened our relationship with Lockmetal, and we look forward to working on more projects together in the future.

We have worked with Stadium Support Services on numerous projects in the past, and they have always delivered outstanding results. They have an excellent track record of achieving 100% success rate for all repairs and installations they have worked on for us. The quality of their work was exceptional, and we are extremely pleased with the results. The team was always courteous, professional, and went above and beyond to ensure that the project was completed to the highest standards.

We highly recommend Stadium Support Services to anyone looking for a reliable and professional company to carry out similar work. We look forward to working with them on future projects.

Client Testimonial


100M of pipe installed


Working at height


Completed within deadline

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100% Accident-free

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