Case Study

Rectifying Wastewater Flooding – CBRE

CBRE, a real estate services company, experienced an emergency at one of their office buildings in Leeds.

The wastewater flytt pumps had failed, leading to foul water waste flooding into the tenant’s area. The building was occupied by over 8 businesses and posed a significant health and safety risk. The client contacted us for urgent repairs to prevent further damage and restore the building to its original state.


The affected area was located three levels down in the basement, where an escape room business operated. This presented challenges in terms of access, as there was no lift available. All equipment and supplies had to be physically carried down three flights of stairs. Additionally, due to ongoing issues with the pumps, the area had to be cleared three times as wastewater continued to flow back through.


Upon receiving the emergency call, our team promptly assembled and arrived at the CBRE office building. We immediately assessed the situation and devised a plan to address the wastewater flooding. The first step was to wet vacuum the contaminated area, removing over 200 litres of wastewater. Since the area was situated three levels underground, the team had to carry the storage tanks up two flights of stairs.

To ensure thorough cleaning and restoration, we wet vacuumed the area twice, meticulously lifting any remaining water and debris. We then soft scrubbed the floor, using a fragranced disinfectant to sanitize and deodorize the affected area. This process aimed to return the building to its original state before the incident occurred.

The Result

The entire operation took our team over six hours to complete. Despite the challenges posed by the location and the recurring wastewater issues, the building was successfully restored and was left clean and odour neutralised. The client, CBRE, expressed great satisfaction with the resulting finish, appreciating the prompt response and efficient resolution of the emergency.


300L of wastewater removed


6 hours to complete

Sanding Machine

5 team members

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