Case Study

Science Museum

Wooden Floor Refurbishment

Due to high foot traffic, the flooring had become extremely worn and needed urgent restoration.

The Science Museum is one of the most prominent and respected museums in the world, attracting approximately 2.3 million visitors annually. The museum is known for its collection of scientific and technological objects and exhibits that educate and entertain visitors of all ages. The Science Museum building is a historic landmark in London and has been standing since the 19th century. 

Due to high foot traffic, the flooring had become extremely worn and needed urgent restoration. The project required a trusted partner with the expertise and experience to carefully refurbish the floors. The museum management contacted Stadium Support Services due to a proven track record of successful floor refurbishment projects and experience working in historic buildings. It was crucial that sensitivity to the building’s heritage and internal exhibitions was observed.


The Science Museum is a large and busy facility, with over 100 sqm of flooring to be repaired, so the refurbishing and sanding process required a complex execution plan. 

The first challenge was to plan the refurbishment work in a way that minimised disruptions to the museum’s operations. The main area connects the main entrance, lobby, and escalators, between the Medicine Galleries and the David Sainsbury exhibition, which sees extremely high volumes of foot traffic.

The museum would remain open to the public throughout the refurbishing process, which added another layer of complexity to the project. The project team had to ensure that visitors’ safety was not compromised, and the museum’s operations continued uninterrupted.

The second challenge was to ensure that the sanding and refurbishing process did not damage the delicate exhibits and collections housed in the museum. The project team had to develop a comprehensive protection plan to ensure that the collections and exhibits were not compromised during the refurbishing process.


The project team planned the refurbishment work in phases, with each phase carefully scheduled to minimise disruptions to the museum’s operations. The team worked during off-peak hours and at night to ensure that the museum remained open to the public during the day. The team also created a detailed communication plan to inform visitors of the refurbishing work and any changes to the museum’s operations.

The project team developed a comprehensive protection plan that included covering the exhibits and collections with protective materials during the refurbishing process. The team also set up dust barriers to prevent dust and debris from spreading to other parts of the museum. It was also essential that the slow execution was in place to prevent floor burn and over-sanding and subsequently a perfectly level wood floor


The refurbishing and sanding of the Science Museum’s floors were a resounding success. The museum’s floors were restored, ready for the next 10+ years of footfall. 

The project was completed within the planned timeframe and budget, with no disruptions to the museum’s operations. The project team’s comprehensive protection plan ensured that the museum’s collections were not damaged during the refurbishing process. The museum’s management was delighted with the outcome and praised the project team and the specialist contractor for their professionalism and expertise.

Stadium Support Services has been a go-to partner for many years. Their years of experience in large facilities mean they have an in-depth knowledge of the logistics and operations that surround a high-profile public museum.  There were many challenges surrounding this refurbishment project, due to the high traffic within the museum. Stadium Support Services worked in tactical phases to keep disruption to a minimum for our visitors, and quickly had the wooden floor restored to its original state. We are delighted with the results, and the sparkling new wooden floor truly speaks for itself

David James

Account Director

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5 days
to completion


60L Each
Primer and Varnish

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3 Operatives

Sanding Machine

3 Industrial sanding machines

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