Roadways & Landscaping

Looking after a venue involves more than just taking care of the building.  We work closely with our clients to put together a ground maintenance schedule that enables you to maintain the surrounding gardens, car parks and roadways.


From creating a large pad to installing a pedestrian or vehicle roadway, our skilled tarmac teams are able to assist with transforming the surrounding grounds to your venue.  Where needed, we can also assist you in working with local councils to obtain planning permission prior to installing the tarmac.

Reinforced Mesh

For grass areas that require occasional vehicle access but suffer from poor drainage, a reinforced mesh system is an ideal solution.  By installing a plastic grid system, the grass is strengthened and protected with the end result that fewer cars get stuck and the lawn is in far better shape.

Temporary Roadways

Temporary roadways are used for many reasons, whether it be that you only need to create a roadway for a specific event or perhaps it is to re-route traffic away from existing roadways due to major works.  Our trackway can be supplied and installed at a competitive price as and when you need it.  Rated to take over 35 tonnes, yet remaining lightweight enough to lay by hand, it is the most versatile product on the market.

Whether it be temporary, permanent or simply an improvement on what you currently have, Stadium Support Services is on hand to help with your landscaping needs.