Structural Survey Maintenance

All large structures move and suffer from wear and tear over time whether they be a stadium or an office block.  At Stadium Support Services we work with our clients to ensure the safety of the venue and its future longevity by carrying out various remedial works.

Expansion joints

Often prone to cracking and movement by the very nature of their role, expansion joints require a routine inspection and TLC to ensure they are fit for purpose and, of course, safe to the public.  Remedies range from simple adjustment and tightening to the complete overhaul of joint covers and screeding of adjoining surfaces.


Over time and without attention the smallest of rust spots can result in significant structural and safety issues.  Our teams are experienced in assessing metal work and carrying out preventative action such as Galvafroiding or strengthening works.

Concrete Spalling

Concrete is a prevalent building material and whilst it is strong it still requires an element of ongoing care and can be prone to spalling.  Repairing cracked and broken concrete early can avoid dangerous trip hazards and water ingress into the structure.  Our experienced team has access to a range of specialist repair products to deal with a crack or spalling of any size.

Stadium Support Services can provide peace of mind and improve the longevity and safety of your building or venue