Retail & Office Cleaning

Retail and Office Cleaning requires a flexible cleaning approach that fits around your business and its operational needs.  We understand that for many of our clients their cleaning demands can change from month to month so we pride ourselves on providing a scalable, flexible cleaning service.

Retail Cleaning

In the competitive world of retail, first impressions count and it is imperative that retailers do all they can to differentiate themselves from the competition, be it the range of products and services on offer to the retail environment itself.  A well maintained and clean store reinforces a brand image and signals quality and pride and helps to prolong the shopping experience leading to increase revenue and sales.

Stadium Support Services undertakes the retail unit cleaning for the largest outsourced sports merchandising company in the UK.  With a single store stock value exceeding £6m, our staff are trusted as key-holders to deliver out of hours daily cleans and periodical deep cleans to both the front and back of house facilities.

Office Cleaning

We believe that a clean environment is not only a healthy environment but also a productive environment.  As a result, Stadium Support Services provides a comprehensive cleaning programme to many office-based businesses which not only look to provide a clean and safe working environment but one that encourages productivity.

From communal lobbies to work stations, our teams work flexible hours to cause minimal disruption to your business operation.  We can provide yearly workplace sanitation to deep cleaning all office equipment, removing dirt and bacteria helping to limit work place illness and absenteeism as well as ceiling tile cleaning, window cleaning and deep cleans of kitchen and washroom areas.

Stadium Support Services is trusted by venues throughout the UK to provide an out of hours cleaning service ensuring sites are clean and ready for business the following day.