Cleaning at Height

Cleaning at height is an integral element to ensuring stadia and all other large venues are cleaned from top to bottom.  Cleaning at height allows our cleaning operatives to get right up close to the affected area for a deeper clean.  Stadium Support Services works both directly for stadium clients as well as assisting incumbent cleaning suppliers whose contracts stipulate no cleaning over a certain height; often this height restriction is set to six feet.  There are three core methods to cleaning at height:-

Ladder Work

Utilising traditional single, double and triple ladders we can easily access areas that need attention that are accessible from directly below.  Examples of cleaning services offered from ladders include gutter cleaning, window cleaning and turnstile roof cleaning.

Access Equipment

Using MEWPS such as scissor lifts and articulated booms we can create a safe working platform for access to the larger, more restrictive areas.  Examples of cleaning services benefiting from the use of plant include façade cleaning, cladding cleaning, soldier columns and structural framework cleaning.

Rope & Abseil

When access from below is not possible, our teams can work above gaining access via rope work and abseil. Examples of rope access cleaning include fragile surface cleaning, soldier column cleaning and structural framework cleaning

All our cleaning operatives who undergo any work at height projects as a minimum are working at height qualified with those operatives that work from MEWPS having IPAF and those working from ropes having IRATA.