Specialist Cleaning

Periodic cleaning is essential to maintaining a clean and inviting environment, as well as ensuring the effectiveness of your assets in terms of output and performance.  Stadium Support Services has continually invested in the very latest in cleaning technologies to offer a comprehensive cleaning solution for our clients and a methodology for even the most complex of cleaning tasks.

Our operatives are able to clean using a variety of industrial grade chemicals to remove vegetation or grease build-ups.  Where such usage may represent issues, such as near the field of play, our high temperature cleaning equipment ensures we have the right product to effectively clean your environment.

Steam Cleaning

Concrete stadium construction typically represents a challenge with water ingress especially when traditional cleaning methods like jet washing are employed to clean.  By substituting water for steam, the impact of water ingress is reduced significantly, as is the consumption of water, and yet the quality of the clean is enhanced with vegetation killed (not just washed away) as a consequence of the heat.

Stadium Support Services has routinely undertaken yearly seating bowl cleans, removing vegetation, concrete staining and regaining the colour to seats and other areas of the bowl, helping to protect the infrastructure and enhance the aesthetics of the stadium.

Ducting Cleaning

With the use of a variety of extraction devices along with specialised mechanical brushes, air jets and manual cleaning methods, Stadium Support Services can remove all types of contamination.  We can even install additional access points throughout your system to enable cleaning and allow for easy inspection, as well as a more efficient clean.

Gum Removal

The blight of gum on seats, concourses, car parks and pedestrian roadways is often fed back in visitor surveys as one of the key dissatisfactions for patrons.  Discarded gum is not only unpleasant when it sticks to clothes and shoes but it can cause a venue to look un-cared for.  Stadium Support Services has a specialist gum removal team who routinely undertake the removal of gum at various sites throughout the UK.

Suspended Ceiling Cleaning

It is rare to find a commercial building which does not have some sort of suspended ceiling.  Such ceilings offer an affordable way to improve room acoustics and hide services; however, they absorb airborne dirt, grease and bacteria and without TLC darken a room, making it feel unloved and dated.

At Stadium Support Services our specialist team is able to carry out a full suspended ceiling clean including tiles and grid system around your business.  Our proven methodology enhances the appearance of your premises quickly, safely and efficiently, whilst representing a saving of at least 70% against the cost of a full or partial replacement.

Our ceiling tile cleaning solution enables our specialist teams to clean nearly all forms of suspended ceilings including:-

  • FRP Tiles (Fire Rated Panel) – found commonly in restaurant kitchens
  • Acoustic Tiles – found in most office buildings
  • Metal Pan Tiles – usually found in older buildings.

Typically, our experienced ceiling cleaners carry out this service out of hours so as not to inconvenience our clients.  The treatment they apply is non-toxic and environmentally friendly which means as soon the room is finished it can be used by your customers and employees.