Windows, Cladding & Facades

The difference a clean window makes cannot be overstated, from letting in more light to a building to setting the overall standard of cleanliness; it tells clients and visitors that you take pride in your environment.  With many buildings now being clad, the need to maintain the outside skin of a building has never been more paramount and many of our clients are choosing to instruct us to include façade cleaning within their PPM and achieving the economies of scale by carrying out a window, façade and clad cleaning in one visit.

Reach and Wash

Much of the cost of cleaning derives from the complexities of access which is why the reach and wash system was created.  Allowing operatives to work from the ground up to an effective working height of 70 feet, the system delivers purified water through a pole with a soft filament brush at the head, agitating dirt and grime without scratching the surface, leaving a clean stain free finish thanks to the purified water.

Man Safe Systems

Many of the taller, more modern buildings we work at now incorporate man safe access systems into their construction and design, allowing our IRATA qualified operatives to harness in to the building and simply abseil or even cradle themselves up, down and around the building to clean in close proximity.

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPS)

Many tall and older buildings do not have integrated man safe systems meaning that reach and wash and abseil is not a viable option to cleaning their exterior.  In this situation Stadium Support Services is able to utilise a variety of specialist MEWPS designed to raise operatives from the ground up to heights of 367 feet and with varying working angles.  Whilst access is required around the perimeter of the building the area can be safely cordoned off with limited impact to public and staff.  Furthermore, the benefit of cleaning via the close proximity of a safe working platform allows for a highly effective clean and visual inspection of the building and cladding.

Window cladding and façade cleaning is not only designed to create the best first impression but help maintain your building, preventing rust and identifying potential issues before they escalate.  Stadium Support Services is well placed to help you achieve the clean appearance and together we can build a comprehensive PPM schedule to ensure longevity of your venue and building.