Slips and trips, whether at the workplace or in public areas, are common causes of injury worldwide. Landlords of all venues and/or buildings have a ‘duty of care’ under the legislation laid out by the Health & Safety Executive to ensure that any areas that are deemed a slip hazard when wet are dealt with accordingly.  These areas could include staircases, concourses and pathways or any other area that a pedestrian has access to.  Failure to meet the advised slip levels or work towards these levels can lead to large fines and potential prosecution.

Slip Testing

Identifying a problem is always the first stage of finding a cure.  At Stadium Support Services we can carry out a Pendulum Slip Test to identify what your current Pendulum Test Value (PTV) is.  It is advised by HSE that there is a minimum PTV of 65 for all pedestrian areas.  Upon completing the Slip Test, we compile a detailed report that outlines our recommendations.  In the instance that the slip rating is below 65 our report can be extremely useful in assisting to make the business case towards carrying out an anti-slip treatment of the affected areas.


Application varies widely on the type of areas and the product used.  Our preferred product requires the surface to be machine etched removing the top layer and creating a key for the primer to bond to.  Many products claim to be ‘prep free’ but our experience has taught us that it is imperative that the surface is first prepared by machine etching to avoid the product peeling up in years to come.  Once the surface is prepared and primed we are able to apply our anti-slip product in any colour of your choosing; it is also available in clear.


Our preferred product is designed with longevity and future costs in mind.  Although the initial installation requires a skilled crew, the ongoing maintenance simply requires a painter to reapply the product as and when needed thus allowing for your in-house FM team or ground staff to carry out the reapplication without the need to etch and re-prime the surface.

Whether it be a permanent anti-slip solution or if you simply need help gritting an area to get through the winter, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to offer advice.