Planned Preventative Maintenance

What is Planned Preventative Maintenance? Planned Preventative Maintenance (or PPM) is aimed at reducing reactive maintenance and allows for scheduled works to be carried out to help avoid any unscheduled breakdown or downtime.  Within the world of facilities management this could include everything from the scheduled cleaning and monitoring of gutters to avoid leaks through to the descaling of toilets to avoid blockages.  PPM helps to distribute costs evenly to avoid large unexpected bills that have not been budgeted for. 

Software & Budgeting

Our team can work with you to assign a budgetary spend and through our advanced software schedule all planned maintenance can be tracked.  The software sends alerts to our engineers in advance so they can schedule appointments to monitor and, where appropriate, carry out the required maintenance.

What is Condition Monitored Maintenance?

Condition Monitored Maintenance involves monitoring areas that are expected to be approaching their end of life; an example would be a flat roof that although may not be leaking is beginning to look tired and worn.  In this instance Condition Monitored Maintenance allows us through routine inspections to decide when the roof needs to be repaired or replaced ahead of a leak occurring thus reducing any reactive maintenance required and keeping costs such as damages and down time to a minimal.

What is Time Based Scheduled Maintenance?

Unlike Condition Monitored Maintenance, Time Based Maintenance occurs at set intervals with no investigation into the root problem.  Although more cost effective it is not suitable for every situation.  Examples of Time Based Scheduled Maintenance we currently carry out for our clients include routinely descaling toilets and annual deep cleans.

Planned Preventative Maintenance is essential to reducing both downtime and unexpected costs; whether it be through Time Based Scheduled Maintenance or Condition Based Maintenance our teams are able to pull together a schedule to suit your needs.