Roofing & Gutters

Looking after the roofs and gutters of a structure, whether it be a stadium or an office block, is a vital component of facilities management.  When a roof leaks the damage to stock, equipment and furniture can be costly.  The first line of defence is regular PPMs ensuring defects are identified before they decay into leaks.  Simple tasks such as routinely cleaning out gutters and debris from roofs can dramatically extend the lifetime of any given roof whether it be a grandstand, commercial roof, an office block flat roof or an outbuilding pitched roof.

Stadium Roofing

We have been carrying out repairs to seating bowl roofs for over 15 years.  Working on sites such as Twickenham Stadium’s roof, which over the years has received many additional add-ons from the south stand to the hospitality boxes, has enabled us to gather a wealth of experience.  This experience, coupled with our skilled roofers, enables us to undertake all types of stadium roofing repairs such as inspections, remedial works and annual tightening of screws and bolts.

Flat Roofing

From office blocks to hospitality box roofs, we have been carrying out flat roof installations and repairs since the birth of the company.  We primarily use torch on groove mineral system as our preferred method.  However, some sites such as the Mars factory in Slough require us to avoid hot works and instead our teams are trained to work with acrylic products such as Desmopol where the risk of fire is deemed to be too high.

Pitched Roofing

Many of the sites we look after have outbuildings and in some cases houses for the staff that live on site that have pitched roofs.  Our roofers are skilled in both installing and repairing commercial and domestic pitched roofs.

All new roofs come with a ten year guarantee with repairs being assessed on a case by case scenario dependent upon the degradation of the roof.