Case Study

Sixways Stadium High level safety works

Stadium Support Services were contacted to respond to safety concerns regarding high-level equipment surrounding the pitch at Sixways Stadium.

The client had noticed some corrosion to brackets supporting the underslung PA systems and Wi-Fi antennas. An experienced rope access team was deployed immediately to access the structure and gain a close-up view of the equipment in question. A failsafe approach was needed to give an accurate idea of the condition of the systems and an ongoing maintenance strategy to ensure the safety of the public below.


To provide a detailed analysis of the investigation, the high-level space needed to be accessed, however, due to the stand’s proximity to the pitch, it was inaccessible via MEWP. The Stadium Support Services rope access team provided an access strategy from the ground up to the roof structure and carried out an investigation. This resulted in a fully comprehensive and underwritten document detailing an in-depth analysis of the area’s equipment and structural specifics. The outline included surrounding systems, equipment, specific serial numbers, dimensions, fixings, conditions, and photographic evidence of compromised materials and critical safety issues. 

The investigation disclosed that areas of the roof equipment had suffered extreme corrosion. The hanging brackets supporting the PA system (approximately 350kg) showed signs of degradation, posing a serious safety issue that required urgent repair.

The solution

Every element of the roof system was assessed by the Stadium Support Team, and a repair plan was created. The project was mapped to completion over three weeks utilising a team of three. All brackets were to be replaced with stainless steel fixings, while temporary hanging devices were installed via chain blocks to take the weight of the PA equipment while the repairs were carried out.

The result

All previous galvanised steel bracketry was upgraded to stainless steel, with additional failsafe tethers introduced to increase the factor of safety for each and every item. Torque settings and manufacturers’ specifications were recorded, and all items were installed to the highest completion standards resulting in a superior hanging system backed up by secondary measures.

“It became apparent to stadium staff that there were some high-level items that required a closer inspection. These areas were not easily accessible so we contacted Stadium Support Services for their specialisms in hard-to-reach areas. It was of the highest priority to gain a detailed analysis and repair plan to ensure that the safety standards within the Sixways Stadium were upheld.

Stadium Support Services provided a detailed analysis of the equipment failures and a failsafe plan of repair. The works were carried out quickly with laser-focused attention to detail, leaving all safety concerns swiftly dealt with

Stadium Support Services have been our go-to partner for many years, they are an experienced and highly qualified FM team and the only supplier that we would trust with such a critical project.”

Gene Willis

Head of Stadium Operations

The Stadium Support Services rope access team provided an access strategy from the ground up to the roof structure and carried out an investigation.

3 Weeks
Project Duration

50M Working Height

200 Fixtures and fittings replaced and torque tested

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