Health & Safety Compliance – Olympic Park Stadium

Ramping up Health & Safety

With thousands of spectators and visitors entering our venues, health and safety (H&S) as well as accessibility is always at the forefront of Stadium Support Services priorities.

The Challenge:

Stadium Support Services was called to address a breach of health and safety at the Olympic Park Stadium. A temporary structure had been erected with ramps that did not meet strict H&S guidelines and as such was deemed not fit for purpose. Furthermore, with just 24 hours before the first Rugby World cup match to be played at the venue our team had to act fast to find a solution.

The Solution:

Once the problem was identified our H&S officer was able to assess the drop between the temporary structure and the concourse.  From this they were able to calculate the precise angle of the ramp to provide both the optimum use of space and the approved gradient suitable.

The Outcome:

Materials and quantities were ordered and collected on a same day order and a team of six skilled carpenters started construction of the 80 square metre ramps complete with anti-slip flooring and handrails, completing the job in time for the evening kick-off.