Retail Cleaning – RFU Stores

Keeping Official Merchandise Spick & Span

Official merchandise stores are an essential business component of any stadium, they need to be routinely cleaned and maintained to remain appealing to the paying public.

The Challenge:

With limited turnaround time and continuously changing trading hours, Stadium Support Services have been supplying cleaners to work out of hours at various merchandise stores with most prestigious being at the superstore at Twickenham Stadium

The Solution:

Working closely with the stadium shop and retail managers Stadium Support Services created a year ahead cleaning planner which sets aside periods in which deep cleans and periodical works would be undertaken.  This flexible planner allowed all parties to have a clear idea of the year ahead and with the flexibility to delay or bring forward works within the schedule.

The Outcome:

Armed with specialist cleaning equipment and chemicals such as carpet cleaners, gum-wands and graffiti removing chemicals we work closely with the stadium to ensure the shop continuously looks its best to encourage sales and customer footfall.