Dermot Reid 
Account Manager & Head of Sustainability

Building Sustainability at Stadium Support Service

While sustainability has always been at the heart of Stadium Support Services, the introduction of the Head of Sustainability role signifies a dedicated effort to streamline ideas and make a substantial impact on our partners and prospective clients. 

In my new role, I provide guidance on best practices, innovations, and opportunities in sustainability, aiming to benefit the long-term interests of both our company and clients.

With experience in sports stadiums and large corporations, I understand the challenges faced by Facility Management (FM) leads—time constraints, limited access, cost considerations, and the need for buy-in. Overcoming these challenges is crucial, especially for projects that may not have immediate business benefits but are integral to our overarching sustainability goals.

The sports industry, along with other sectors, is undergoing a transformative shift towards environmental sustainability. We are passionate about contributing to this movement by facilitating sustainable initiatives and encouraging clients to embark on their sustainability journey. 

Whether it involves implementing rainwater recapture systems, practicing sustainable land management, or addressing specific environmental goals, our aim is to play a crucial role in advancing sustainable practices.

By incorporating measures such as installing water saving devices and collaborating with eco-conscious suppliers, we aim to create a ripple effect that transforms into a tidal wave of sustainability.

If you are planning a project and want to approach it with a sustainability focus, get in touch: